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Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association GOOD HOST quality label

What is the GOOD HOST label?
With the GOOD HOST label, entrepreneurs have a good opportunity to assure their guests that they value hospitality principles, natural and cultural heritage and environment in providing their services. Also they understand the importance of the feedback from visitors.

Who can apply for the label?
The GOOD HOST quality label can be applied for by tourism operators of the Dedoplistskaro region for their company's service. Applying for the label is voluntary and free of charge for the company. The criteria by which the GOOD HOST label is awarded are also a guide for businesses to better understand visitors' expectations. In order to obtain a mark, some criteria are mandatory and some are indicative. The entrepreneur who has received the label is given the GOOD HOST label and a named certificate, which must be placed in a visible place in the company so that the visitor notices it. The company has the right to use the label in the marketing and advertising of its company.

If you would like to assess your readiness and express your wish to receive the label, fill in the form below, conduct a self-assessment and send your application request.

The Quality Programme for Rural Tourism Enterprises was developed in cooperation with the Estonian Rural Tourism Association and the Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association. The project was funded by the ESTDEV- Estonian Centre for International Development.